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About the author

Steve earned a B. A. Degree from the University of Texas in Austin, majoring in political science and minoring in history. Afterwards he passed his stock broker's exam and worked for a time at a brokerage house before returning to school. Upon getting his legal assistant certification from UCLA, he worked at a law firm in Los Angeles. Successful stock market investments allowed him to retire early and to pursue two dreams: write and travel. He now divides his time between San Diego and European cities where he researches his stories. He speaks some French and Italian, four words in German, and hopes to expand his fluency in all three in his continuing trips abroad.

He enjoys the cosmopolitan bustle, sidewalk cafes, the museums of Berlin, Rome, Vienna, London, Budapest, and Paris. Many of these capitals and other cities find their way into his stories of intrigue..."Murder Without Pity" (Paris), "The Killing Ploy" (London, Berlin, Paris, and Lugano), the recently released "Darkness and Blood" (London and Paris), and "Winston Churchill's Renegade Spy" (London and Zurich) due out this year. He's also finishing his fifth novel, “Where the Bones Lie,” set in 1946 Berlin.