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About the author

My name is Evangeline Luna, I am 34 years old at the moment. A mother of 4 boys and 1 girl, in that order. I am a Gemini. I love Thai Food. I will try something once before I decide if I like it or hate it. I have been drug free for 10 years.
Life has been a crazy journey for me. I was a teen mom. I was not ready for it but I had to grow with my first baby. I made so many mistakes and I didn't finish making them after the 2nd. I learned to finally grow up in 2010. I just couldn’t handle the life I was living. I am growing everyday and learning everyday. My dad was my best friend and I miss him daily!
I have made an amazing circle for myself that involve some amazing ladies who make me feel like I am on top of the world. You are my rocks that I have come to rely on a daily and I wouldn’t be able to function without our interactions