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About the author

Stephanie Lam is a wellbeing and creativity journalist. She writes the popular Everyday Escape back-page column for Breathe magazine on real-world ways to achieve headspace and happiness, and for twenty years has also worked as a teacher alongside highly-stressed people held in immigration detention.

She wasn’t always so calm. When a crisis transformed her life and forced her to rethink everything she thought she knew, she went from being a super-frazzled perfectionist who thought being busy was her special skill, to becoming an expert on stress and how to escape it. She went on to devise Unfrazzle, an easy six-step plan to help everyone, no matter what their frazzle status, reclaim true calm within everyday life.

Find out more about Stephanie on her website You can also say hello to her on Twitter @StephanieLam1 or Instagram @Stephanie_Lam_1