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About the author

Mr. Vannoy is originally from the Philadelphia area. He has worked in a diverse array of fields. Design draftsman for five years in the Philadelphia area, before the era of CAD. A professional, and classically trained chef, for fourteen years, in various food service corporate, hotel, and hospital venues from TX to MA for twenty years. He has a formal AOS in Culinary Arts from Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI. He worked in auto manufacturing with Ford for 11 years in Norfolk, VA making the F150 truck, and as an over-the-road trucker, for the last ten years with over 1,000,000 safe miles to his credit. Mrs. Kimiko Vance-Vannoy is a native New Orleans girl.
She has a diverse background of her own, including the United Sates Air Force, law enforcement, professional flight attendant, office manager, experienced midwife talents, and a professional fitness trainer. She; is certified in Zumba, Tai Chi, and yoga disciplines.
An English major with a BA degree. She is a veteran self published author, with a children’s book called My Rainbow Family, about multi-racial blended families, nine interracial; and supernatural novellas, and a supernatural novel set in New Orleans called The Blood Rose which is the first in a trilogy.
Mr. Vannoy has a daughter from his first marriage.
Mrs. Vannoy has three daughters, two sons, and four grandchildren.
They also are parents to Bella, their scary-smart, and crazy, yet lovable ninety pound, German Shepherd, Smudge their well seasoned Prussian Blue cat, Misha their requisite, Rubenesque kitty-diva, who is called; ‘Fluffy Mama’, and the newest feline addition; Winston who is their very special, kitty-puppy who Mr. Vannoy fondly calls; ‘demon-kitty’ and whom Bella has adopted as her own.
When he is not writing spiritual supernatural fiction novels, or she is not writing her own genre as a established published author in her own right she is grinding out another stellar editing, and managing her radio show. She has launched a new boutique publishing company.
Mr. Vannoy still loves to cook when time permits.
We reserve Christmas for Mrs. Vannoy and her authentic New Orleans Gumbo made completely from scratch.
Traveling overseas, and exploring coastal Georgia, Florida seeking hidden seafood restaurants treasures. They both are never ending learners, with voracious appetites for new discoveries.
They both believe that the Father of all Creation is too large to fit into any one religious dogmatic box, so while they accept the label of Christianity, they are both gifted, and devoutly spiritual, beyond normal Christian beliefs.
Mr.Vannoy has deep Angelic, and demon connections through over twelve years of intense study, personal, and very real encounters within that realm. He also has a deep abiding love, for the nation of Israel, and the Jewish people.
He has been personally involved, through the power of Jesus Christ, in leading the freeing of people from demonic possessions.
Mrs. Vannoy has the mantle of prophetess; with very powerful seeing abilities, and other God-given gifts.