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About the author

S.G. Minae lives in Southern California and loves spending time with her husband and three children. Even as an accountant, she has always enjoyed writing and managing creative projects. When the idea for Taeryn: The Awakening popped into her head, it wouldn't go away and she just had to write it. She finished the first draft in six months while working full time and taking care of her family.

When she and her husband purchased a coffee house, she envisioned herself sitting in a comfy chair with her laptop, working on her novel. In reality, she never worked harder in her life! The book was shelved for several years, but she cherished the wonderful people she met and the amazing events they put on: open mic nights, book signings, art shows and live music.

After five years they decided to move on. The good news is that she was finally able to return to her novel. Viewing it with fresh eyes, she worked hard to polish it into an experience she's proud to share. She hopes you will give it a try, and looks forward to hearing what you think.

The digital book is now available for Pre-Order. Digital, Paperback and KU will be released on February 1, 2020!

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