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About the author

My name is Ryuu Shinohara, author, spiritual teacher, metaphysics researcher, and father of two girls. I was born and raised in Japan, but developed my professional and personal life in the city of Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.
In my early years, I spent a considerable amount of time studying Shinto and Buddhism, as these were common practices in my household. I’ve always had a curiosity for the hidden meanings in life, and this interest took me to the path of spirituality.
I currently work as a personal development consultant that specializes in helping individuals with their spiritual needs, practices, and understandings. Through this work, I get inspiration to write my books and spread my message around the world to help those who need it.
I am blessed to have this profession as it allows me to carry out these practices throughout all aspects of my life, giving me a sense of fulfillment. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my children and giving life lessons, so they carry a positive message for future generations. They say I can be “too much”, but it is always in goodwill.  
I have inevitably been put on a path to spread a message of inner happiness. A path guided by me and only me.