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About the author

Phillip Tomasso is an Amazon best-selling, award-winning author. As a multi-genre author, he has had over twenty-seven novels published since 2000. Recently, Tomasso has decided he wants mostly to focus on Crime Novel writing. This does not mean he will stop dabbling in other genres, but that the main thrust of his writing will revolve around suspense thrillers and mystery novels.

It was back in 1984 when Tomasso realized he wanted to write. Diagnosed with a reading disability in school, he did all he could not to read. In seventh grade, his class was assigned to read The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. Hinton was just sixteen when she wrote that book. Tomasso always considered himself something of a storyteller. He decided he would attempt writing books that would inspire reluctant readers to read.

His writing career started out slowly. At first, it was all about reading. That S.E. Hinton novel had ignited an insatiable fire inside the author. He went on to read books two and three at a time. His tastes roamed from Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and John Saul to James Patterson, Walter Mosley, and John Grisham. It was in 1991 that Tomasso sold his first short story. It was an 8,000 word western. A Canadian digest picked it up. They paid one penny per word. The money exchange between the U.S. and Canada was not exactly even at the time. The $45 check, when cashed, was used to pay for a celebratory dinner with the family at a McDonalds where he allowed his (at the time) wife and son Super Size their meals.

Back when Tomasso first started he wrote mystery and suspense novels. He sold his first novel psychological thriller, MIND PLAY in 1999. Over the years Tomasso has branched out into horror, fantasy, science-fiction, and Young Adult. Most recently, Tomasso signed a multi-book deal for a Crime Novel series featuring Homicide Investigators Vincent Falcone and Farrah Richards. YOU CHOOSE, the first in the series, was released in December 2018.

While Tomasso is hard at work on additional books in the Falcone and Richards saga, he also penned a horror / mystery novella, also due out in early 2019. WOMAN IN THE WOODS takes place in the Adirondacks Mountains, and during two different time periods.

Soon to be re-released by Next Chapter Publishing is his young adult novel, SOUNDS OF SILENCE. This is the story of a healthy twelve-year-old, carefree boy, prone to dreaming. As the star pitcher of his baseball team, he revels in the cheering, the applause, the atmosphere. After the game, he becomes sick. Rushed to the hospital and stuck with needles, poked and prodded, his world spins out of control. When he wakes, he is deaf and his dreams crumble.

When not writing books, Tomasso works the graveyard shift as a Fire / EMS Dispatcher for 911. He fell into the dispatching career in 2009 after nearly twenty years with the Eastman Kodak Company where he worked as an Employment Law Paralegal. Working different angles and ends of the law compliment Tomasso’s writing in the mystery / suspense genres. Experiences in his professional positions have given him an intimate perspective when fleshing out storylines. He is able to draw on knowledge obtained and utilize those around him and in the field to ensure his fiction is as factual as possible.

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