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About the author

My name is Dele Andersen also known as D.A. I am a young adult short story and novel writer, who has written many fictional short stories. My stories and writing style combines the supernatural or story of the fallen with love, paranormal, faith, belief and courage. My stories are extremely captivating; the stories make readers turn each page of their book without the knowledge of time passing or the desire to end the story. The stories create so much suspense that make readers perplexed as they read on, trying to untangle the plot until the last page.

Outside reading and when I am not writing, I enjoy family time with my spouse and four boys who keep me busy and the house very occupied. As you'll probably guess; boys are into their games so you can imagine what it is like when they are locked in a video game on a weekend; the screams, the cries and the frustration they display...I am already smiling. Except for my deep family time, I also enjoy watching Lawn Tennis match and playing chess. I like football or soccer but I would not call myself a die hard fan.

As captivating as my stories are, my writing style is clean and modest. I avoid the use of foul language and/or unaccepted forms or use of verbiage. The stories and novels are readable by a wide range of age groups from 12 to 70 or even older.

It is important to mention that I classify myself as once one of the supreme elders of the Vitrians. The Vitrians are a group of unique people that have an uncommon gift and power to see and fight the supernatural or fallen. As a onetime supreme elder, I am honored to present the story of The Chosen child among the Vitrians in the series VITRIAN SECRETS and explain the secrecy around the child's life and the the families involved in the suspense filled novels. I am convinced that when you start reading the VITRIAN SECRETS, dropping your book just for a break will seem impossible. Enjoy reading….