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About the author

*****Award Winning Series of 2019*****

*****Award Winning Book of 2018*****

I would like to introduce you to my award winning series - The Kingdom of Durundal - available in kindle, paperback, and free in kindle unlimited. There are five books in this series, made up of the following elements:

Fantasy, history, ancient mythology, sword and sorcery, battles, spirituality, honour, betrayal, vengeance, magic, sacrifice, coming of age, love, strength, courage.
Please see video for a deeper insight.

The Kingdom of Durundal is foremost a series, and involves the same central characters throughout. The books can be read independently of each other, and as a stand alone. However, to get the flow of the story, it is best to start at the beginning with 'A Hare in the Wilderness' and read through the series in order. That way, you understand how the characters develop - and how their lives interweave.