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About the author

I loved to tell stories at a young age. From telling jokes to friends at school, to writing a series of stories about guitar playing Earthworms, to a one act play for the high school drama department, then finally to full-length novels for adults and their younger counter parts. I love to partake in the magic trick authors perform of taking the fantastical ideas that grow and live in our imaginations, and transmit them to our readers through words. The colours and shapes may not always match perfectly, but the idea and the fantasy make their way through.

My early stories were crafted in rural Ontario, Canada, in the countryside near the Dairy Capital of Canada, Woodstock. I wrote sporadically throughout my undergraduate degree, a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from Ryerson University. This degree wasn’t a good choice, not because I couldn’t handle the blood guts, but I was simply not a good nurse. As Mr. Darcy would say, ‘I don’t have the knack for catching other people’s tones of conversation,’ and a nurse who can’t comfortably talk to her patients, isn’t the best of nurses.

Following this, I spent eight years in Edmonton, Alberta, where several of my heroines were born, including Nora Watson. These stories were compose in between work, and my Master’s Degree in Library and Information Studies. After Edmonton, I spent two short years in Sommerville, Massachusetts, USA (apart of the greater Boston area, for those who haven’t had the pleasure of living or visiting there). Here I begun work on my aerial circus series, featuring Beth Witt (to be released in 2020).

Presently (and hopefully for the rest of my life), I live in Kitchener, Ontario with my husband, young daughter, and our grumpy cat. Currently I’m juggling too many things, including writing, teaching and performing aerial silks (yes, I really do, do this!), co-ordinating an academic research project, and of course helping to take care of my family.