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About the author

Jade has been a writer all her life. She wrote stories from the time she was able to hold a pen and even made illustrations of her stories with Plasticine. In grade school, she wrote plays for her classmates to perform and developed a love of theater at an early age. She likes writing extremely long letters to friends and family; she keeps a dream journal and encourages everyone to do it as well. Trying her hand at a novel was inevitably her destiny. Jade is also a voracious reader. She gets her love of reading from her father, and her love of story telling from her mother. In fact, her unique genealogy makes her perfect for authorship.

Jade has always been a very spiritual person who believes there is more than meets the eye. From numerology, astrology to tarot and coffee reading, Jade has a strong interest in the paranormal world.

From a young age, Jade has been a humanitarian and strong activist for animal welfare. She supports a number of organizations who are dedicated to conserving our earth and protecting animals.

Jade is a mother of 4, two boys, a girl and her furry baby (an incredibly beautiful Siberian Husky).

To connect with Jade, you can email her at [email protected], find her on Instagram @indieauthorjade or Facebook (Author Jade). Jade loves to connect with her readers and fellow authors!