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About the author

A.J. Brown is a southern-born writer who tells emotionally charged, character driven stories that often delve into the darker parts of the human psyche. Most of his stories have the southern country feel of his childhood. 
A.J. writes in a conversational style that draws the reader in and holds their attention. His characters are average people with average lives who are layered with memories and emotions and are fallible, just like anyone else.
A.J. draws inspiration from every day events and conversations. The characters of his stories are drawn from people he has met or seen during his life. Some of the best stories are inspired by his two children.
Though he writes mostly darker stories, he does so without unnecessary gore, coarse language, or sex.
A.J. is also a husband to Cate and a father to two kids, who often inspire him in the most interesting ways.
More than 200 of his stories have been published in various online and print publications. His story Mother Weeps was nominated for a Pushcart Award in 2010. Another story, Picket Fences, was the editor’s choice story for Necrotic Tissue in October of 2010. The story, Numbers, won the quarterly contest at in June of 2013.

If you would like to learn more about A.J. you can check out his blog, Type AJ Negative. You can also find him on Facebook (ajbrown36).
You can purchase A.J.’s newest novel, Dredging Up Memories and his collection, A Stitch of Madness ( both released by Stitched Smile Publications in January, 2016), or either of his other short story collections--Along the Splintered Path, and Southern Bones--on Amazon.  You can also find his novel, Cory’s Way, as well as his collaborative effort with M.F. Wahl, All We See is the End/The End is All We See on Amazon.  A list of his publications along with links to many of his stories can be found at Type AJ Negative.