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About the author

Kristin Lloyd, MS, LMHC, LPC, is a PhD Candidate who has been creating outstanding results for individuals, couples, and organizations for over 10 years as a highly-accomplished psychotherapist, transformational mindset mentor, college educator, and consultant.

Through her invigorating and transformative facilitation skills, Kristin has been guiding individuals, couples, and executives to achieve dramatic breakthroughs in mindset and motivation, self-confidence, productivity, commitment, habit-shifting, interpersonal communication, relationship renewal, conflict resolution, stress reduction, and aligning with their soul's purpose as well as reinventing one's future for success.

Kristin’s passion for helping people ‘get out of their own way’ led her to work with weight loss surgery patients to shift their mindset after bariatric surgery. She works with them to create lasting behavioral/habit changes and emotional adjustments which lead to happy, healthy and fulfilling lives by keeping the weight off and adjusting to the multitude of lifestyle changes that occur following bariatric surgery. As a mental health professional, she is passionate about helping people overcome depression, anxiety, self-sabotage, and life stressors so they can achieve balance and sustained success through habit building.

As a Doctoral candidate in Psychology, Kristin’s dissertation research focus is on the process of lifestyle change following bariatric surgery. She received her Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling in 2006, and since her surgery in 2013, has combined her years of professional experience as a therapist, coach, mentor, and educator with her personal experience as a weight loss surgery patient in helping others succeed.

Having friends that have experienced regain after bariatric surgery, Kristin has made it her mission to address the emotional issues that arise after surgery to help people avoid regain, and stay on track to keep the weight off long-term.

In addition to working in a private practice setting as a licensed psychotherapist (both in office in Alpharetta, GA and online), Kristin is a PhD candidate in Psychology, a certified Reiki Master, an EFT/Energy Psychology Practitioner, certified mindset mentor and coach, a speaker, and a prolific writer. Kristin is currently a contributor for The Obesity Action Coalition, Obesity Help, The Huffington Post and The Master Shift. She is also a member of the Obesity Action Coalition.

Kristin lives in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and son. Her husband has been by her side, from the beginning, cheering her on throughout her journey.