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About the author

I’m a late arrival in the writing community. I’d been interested in writing since childhood but either never found the time, or I lacked the confidence to write about things I felt. I held back fearing identification of my words dried up after around 10k. Then I decided, what the hell. Another factor kicked in. An author was asked if she knew how her book was going to end once she started. She said she hadn’t a clue and that would come to her as it progressed. As a result, now, when I start a book, I let it take itself where it feels it must go. That’s eight books ago. I write edgy book, I cover subjects some would feel uncomfortable reading. My characters are strong minded gay women and there is a string S&M feel about them. Don’t get me wrong they are not THOSE sort of books. I cover serious subjects with my now established characters. Sexual violence, rape, child abuse and suicide. But I know my characters and I feel I am as much part of them as they reflect me. I write through the eyes of women (mainly) even though I am a man. I relate to women better than men. I’m married, a father of three and a grandparent too.