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About the author

So who am I?

Let’s start with some common ground. I’m probably a lot like you. I love a good story. I especially love reading (and writing) stories that prominently feature supernatural elements, such as witches, vampires, and ghosts. Personally, one of the things I love the most about these sorts of stories is the way that looking at the inhuman allows us, maybe paradoxically, a deeper exploration into the human condition.

Plus, let’s be honest…they’re a lot of fun to read (and create!).

One of my frustrations with fantasy, horror, and other genre fiction – especially traditionally published fiction – is that it tends to be pretty homogeneous. The main characters are very often CIS straight white characters engaging in monogamous nuclear family-style lives. There’s nothing wrong with these types of characters or these types of stories. They reflect a lot of people. They represent a lot of voices at the table. But they don’t reflect everyone. And if those are the only types of characters in a piece of fiction, there’s a serious problem (in my not so humble opinion). Indie fiction is better at representing a variety of relationship styles, character types, beliefs, and backgrounds, but we’re still not 100% there yet. To help create fiction that better represents the complexity of the world we actually live in, I strive to write feminist, queer-friendly, racially diverse dark fantasy/horror that reflects a variety of backgrounds, beliefs, and personality types, and relationship styles. Obviously those things need to happen organically within the confines of the story, but please know that they are major considerations in every single piece of fiction I write. Because representation matters.