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About the author

Originally born in Australia but moved to Switzerland when I was 5. After 14 years completing school and an apprenticeship as a fitter and turner, I moved back to Australia. Eventually I moved to Hong Kong for 3 years and got married. My wife and I moved to Australia. We currently live in Darwin.

Already as a kid I wondered if there could be a different kind of witch who do not fly on a broom, has a pointy hat and a crooked nose. Now I like to share my different perspective.

I had this vision for some time now but never had the courage to tell the story, especially since I have mild dyslexia and English is my second language. Even though I was born in Australia, I moved to Switzerland at a very young age and grew up with their language.
The inspiration for this story was partly from the Manga and Anime series “Claymore” that is about silver-eyed witches who are part monster and part human and the only ones who can fight off monsters plaguing the humans.
While English is not my main language, I insisted on telling my story in the language.
Even before the series, I had different views about witches. Many will think automatically of them wearing a black pointy hat, flying on brooms, having a long pointy nose and using magic. I tried to avoid these and make them look human but with abilities. The black eyes are one of their unique features.