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About the author

Patrick D. Kaiser is the author of Catch the Moment, Colors of the Heart, The Light Before We Land, and the newly released Crimson Minds. Having Asperger's Syndrome as well as Tourettes doesn't slow him down in the slightest. His work ethic and positive attitude are infectious according to those in his life. His positivity can especially be seen in his writing; despite using heavier subjects in his books, he addresses them with a light that's rarely found in fiction these days, resulting in a profound balance of entertaining and thought provoking content that tugs at the heart strings.

His current series: Crimson Minds is written in a curious, yet engaging style that is difficult to put down. Calling it a verse thriller: Patrick's vision is to turn the idea of the traditional verse novel on it's head & to break new ground, creating something uniquely delicious, all it's own.

You can find him on Twitter as well as his Facebook page: @AuthorPDKaiser. By connecting to these you'll be able to keep up to date on all his upcoming projects as he posts polls of what sneak peaks his fans would like to see, book trailers, and Video logs of his day to day life. You can also find out when his books have free promos & discounts or just enjoy a conversation with him, discussing anime, video games, books, movies, Etc.

With a story like this happening in the publishing world, you'd be foolish to not keep a close eye on this amazing author. Be sure to #MakeItEcho