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About the author

Jack Knapp, a top-100 Amazon SF Author and member of the Author's Guild, grew up in Louisiana and joined the Army after graduating from high school. He served three tours in Germany and traveled throughout western Europe before retiring.
Jack then graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso before beginning his second career, teaching science in the El Paso ISD. After retiring, Jack pursued a number of other interests (raising horses, farming, performing music, anateur scence experimenter) before beginning his third career, novelist. He’s member of Mensa and a knight of the Society for Creative Anachronism, so experimental science and combat scenes involving swords, spears, and bows and arrows are experience-based.
He’s written of ESP (The Wizards Series) and woodcraft/survivalism; the deep woods of Louisiana were his playground, the setting for his Darwin’s World Series.
The novels in the New Frontiers Series examine the challenges humanity will face when we begin to spread out into space. Beginning with a startup company building the first practical spacecraft (The Ship), to growing a business in space while overcoming Earth-based obstacles (NFI: New Frontiers, Inc), to humanity’s first contact with a non-human species (NEO: Near Earth Objects), then BEMs (Bug Eyed Monsters) and MARS, the novels are largely extrapolations from current events. Pirates, the sixth book in the series, is science-based space opera and the series isn't finished; Hybrids is underway.
Jack had long wanted to write a western novel that was based on the real history of his adopted state of New Mexico; that novel is The Territory, which was released in November 2019.
The story begins shortly after the Civil War and the setting is Lincoln County, New Mexico Territory. A series of events during that time led to a complete breakdown of law and order.
If you're not familiar with the Lincoln County War, think Billy the Kid; the War made him notorious and ultimately led to his death.
Jack is involved in social media, especially Facebook. You can find out more by signing on to his Author's page,, where you'll read of his work and get the opportunity to interact with Jack. He makes it a point to answer every post, usually within 24 hours.
Jack’s boundless imagination is always in evidence, but you’ll have to read his novels to find out just how imaginative he is!