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About the author

Amanda N. Newman is the author of the Tales From the Outback collection and the Hybrid Empire sage. She was born in Burlingham, New York, and has been writing since she was a child. As a quiet person who didn't make friends easily, while also battling social and general anxiety and depression, she found refuge in writing. She first started handwriting alternate universe style crossover fanfiction featuring her favorite characters from various video games, anime/manga, television shows, and other books, though she never shared any of these stories on any public forums. As her stories became longer and more intricate, she branched away from and adapted her stories from fanfiction and into different subgenres of fantasy fiction. In her final year of high school, she wrote her first original novel Hybrid Empire, a paranormal fantasy about an international student trying to fit in at a fictitious boarding school in Alaska. She currently lives in New York with her fiancé and two rescue dogs named Norman and Link.