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About the author

Dan Keller is a self-help specialist, utterly obsessed with anything self-improvement.
An avid reader since childhood, he knew what he wanted out of life, and was determined to do what was necessary to get there. He made it his goal to read any book that could help him to achieve his goals. Within a few short years, he built a small arsenal of self-help and personal development books, all of which provided unique and valuable insight into the habits and mindset of successful people.

Having graduated top of his class at the University of Bath in the UK where he received First Class Honours and special recognition, he embarked on a successful early career in finance, but still something was missing.

Dan continued to put what he was reading into practice, and at 30, broke out of the rat race, quitting his 9-5 desk job in banking, to follow his dreams: living in a stunning place with financial independence. Now, as an author and entrepreneur, he lives an abundant life that has exceeded his wildest expectations.

Everything that he has achieved in life came through applying the techniques shares in his books.

Dan was brought up in Yorkshire, England on the edge of the Peak District. When not writing, he loves to get out into nature and explore his adopted home, the French Riviera. He is a keen adventurer who enjoys photography, mountaineering, skiing, surfing and free diving.