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About the author

Patrick Seaman is the principal author of Accipiter War. He is an entrepreneur, consultant, Internet pioneer, and former Publisher, editor and voice-over actor.

Since helping launch in the early days of online digital media, Patrick has led, consulted with and advised companies on technology, operations, strategic planning, product development and launch, and management team building. He architected and deployed advanced Over-The-Top (OTT) infrastructure for live and on-demand video (VOD) platforms for clients in Mexico and the Philippines.

Patrick has pioneered the intersection of media and technology. He is often asked to help crash-develop and deploy products and to help organizations scale up, re-focus, and manage transition from one stage to the next, including technology and product management, building-out management teams, and strategies to scale technology and business models to the next level.

He is also part of the founding team at WhichBox Media, 'The Only Storytelling Platform for Brands'​ - which has twice been named one of the top ‘100 Disruptive Online Media Companies'​ by Silicon Valley’s OnMedia "One To Watch" finalist.

In 1995, Patrick helped Mark Cuban launch what later became AudioNet /, which was later acquired by Yahoo for $5.4b. He published the first audiobook on the Internet, and serialized it as the first known podcast. After, Patrick continued to push content boundaries with Timberwolf Press, which published the first known MP3CD/ebooks, and popularized digital downloads of ebooks and episodic audiobooks.

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