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About the author

I love to cook, listen to music, but my real passion is reading and writing. I have always loved to write. I would mostly write poetry in my high school years. I put my writing on the back burner until recently.

However, I could get lost in a good book. Motorcycle Clubs Romance books have been by far my go-to book. Nevertheless, I've read a bit of everything. Reading has always been a way for me to relax.
I have been writing down little outlines for potential books for years. I had a friend look over a couple of outlines and ask why I never gave writing a chance?

I told him I did not think my writing was good enough. I wrote the first few chapters of the book and gave them to him to read, and later that night, he was calling to ask if I had any more he could read. So i figured it was time branch out. I hope you all enjoy my work.