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About the author

T.K. Riggins started writing because of a dare. His friend was searching for something new to read, and after coming up empty-handed, challenged Riggins to take action. Instead of recommending a book, Riggins decided to pen a story of his own.

He shared an experience from his past, where he’d witnessed a cattle farmer help a cow give birth to a calf that had become turned around inside the womb. With a little bit of tugging, some questionable language, and a healthy dose of faith, the calf entered the world and took its first breath with ease.

Growing up in the city, Riggins thought he’d witnessed a miracle. On its own, the calf would have surely been dead, but with the help of the farmer it was alive and well. Riggins turned this day on the farm into a fantasy story with a flying lion and a tale of magic, because the experience was magical to him.

His audience loved the story, so Riggins was obligated to make more. Instead of focusing on just the farm, he used other aspects of his life to create a world with the physical strength of a warrior, the intellectual prowess of a scholar, and the passionate magic of a wizard. After a while, he’d created his own book series.

Although he doesn’t have a typical writer’s background in Literature or Education, his BSc in Mechanical Engineering helps him innovate, problem solve, and attack his series with a fresh perspective. He’s able to take a classic fantasy setting and add a modern twist, creating a world and story all his own.

T.K. Riggins is the author of the fantasy series How To Set The World On Fire. Originally from the Midwest, he now lives on the Canadian west coast, where he enjoys hiking the path less travelled, swimming against the current, and continuously pushing the boundaries.