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About the author

I would like to start by saying hello. My name is Chris and I am a new author stepping into the unknown and vulnerable world of self-publishing for the first time. The answer to the questions I receive now will be the same as if they get asked in ten years. Why did you write this series and where did it come from. The most honest answer I can give is that I have no idea. I have always found myself as a creative person but not really knowing how to channel any of it. I wrote many terrible songs over the years, two issues to do with this; one, I am poor at making music and two, the songs just vanished along with the scrap paper that they were written on. So one day, and I don't even remember when or why, I just started writing. The Idea of one girl living in the woods developed. I didnt make any storyboards or seek any advice. In fact, I was considered poor at English in school. It is a shame that the school I spent so many years staring out of a window is no longer there, it is a set of new build houses instead. I would have loved to drop a few copies in just to show them a part of my journey. My journey has many parts. I am a father to three, a beautiful young girl and fifteen-year-old twin boys. I am an ex-Army Air Corps British Army soldier, something that I am very proud of. I have also driven lorries and had many other roles. I hope that my journey now continues in this creative way and I embark on my own exciting path and that YOU and your friends can enjoy the mad world that is my imagination. I would love for people to be as passionate about my book series as I am.