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About the author

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Welcome to the world of J.D. Bowman! A lover of all things space opera, sci-fi, futuristic worlds, and Han Solo, J.D. writes kick-ass heroines who not only make the best of what they’ve got, but make it even better. It started early - when J.D. was eight, she ran home off the bus every Wednesday to watch the newest episode of Star Blazers. That and Star Wars was where the love of space opera began. In 2020, she will publish The Tachyon Cycle, a trilogy about finding a new home when Earth is no longer habitable.

J.D. moved to Colorado as an adult and has no plans of living anywhere else. She is a consummate reader, often running late because "Just one more page!" 

She lives as close to the mountains as possible with her husband, children, and four red rescue dogs.

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