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About the author

K.L Hart is a new author who started and finished her first book The Storm Legacy: Book one in 2019!

she was annoyed with always reading books that had weak female characters that always needed saving by a bunch of muscular Alpha males. She thought why can't the female character start out strong and independent! so she wrote her book.

Now she loves writing and wouldn't look back, K.L Hart is determined to carry on writing books she would want to read and obviously improve her writing skills over time.

K.L Hart is a 27-year-old, Mummy of two little boys. she was born in a Northamptonshire, UK and still lives there. She was a Support Co-Ordinator for the homeless people in her town and worked in a hostel. At 16 she actually lived in the same hostel when it was the YMCA and wanted to go back and help others that are in the same situation she was in. unfortunately, the hostel got shut down and she got made redundant along with her colleagues.

K.L Hart is known for being protective of her friends, loving and a bit crazy. she can't sing but she does it anyway and her go-to Karaoke song is Earthquake by Labrinth. she is very common and swears a lot. she has crazy whims and is happy most of the time. She loves SnapChat selfies and is makeup mad.

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