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About the author

I've been writing m/m fiction (gay romance) since I was 14 years old--about 42 years--but I didn't know that was what it would one day be called. It started with Star Wars fan-fiction (Han/Luke, of course) but I moved on to original fiction. I wrote a gay vampire romance after reading Interview with a Vampire (by the incomparable Anne Rice.) My librarian sister is the one who introduced me to gay romance publishing. I had no idea the genre existed but, suddenly, I wanted to read books again and, most importantly, I wanted to write again!

I live a relatively boring life. I have three dogs (2 Australian Shepherds, 1 Papillon) and two cats (1 ginger, 1 black.) I volunteer as a training instructor for my local dog club. I'm currently unable to work but have in the past been a professional dog trainer, a librarian, and an office worker. I don't have a significant other but after reading posts from Facebook friends who do, I'm sort of glad.

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