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About the author

I’m married with two adult kids and live in central Pennsylvania. My parents were both born in Medellin, Colombia. When we were growing up, my parents would take us to Colombia where my mother was one of fourteen children and my father was one of six. Needless to say, I have a ton of cousins, most still in Colombia.

I used to ashamed to tell people that I’m Colombian. After many trips there, I began to understand that the drug problems in that country are 95% due to the demand for drugs in the United States, hence the name of the book, Killing Colombia.

Many of the adventures in the Amazon jungle in this book are based on real events. Though most of my family lives in Medellin or Bogota, I had a crazy uncle who talked my father into taking an Amazon jungle adventure. To this day, it remains one of the greatest, most memorable trips in my life.

I added my jungle adventures into the book through the eyes of the main characters. I hope those of you who read the book and have questions about any of it will reach out to me. Thanks for reading.