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About the author

About Abdulrahman Ahmed Altheeb
Abdulrahman Ahmed Altheeb is a writer, family man, and creator of several top-selling books. He has written over 5 books, the first being published in 2005 which found a lot of success and served as a springboard for Abdulrahman into the world of writing.

He is passionate about writing and entrepreneurship, considering himself a successful writer and online entrepreneur.

Since he wanted to combine both of his passions, he decided to publish his works on the internet, and many of his books can be found online, including here!

Aside from being a writer and online entrepreneur, Abdul has experience working as a flight attendant since '97, and has been in and out of the aviation industry since then. Abdulrahman is also a proud husband and proud father of many children, making him a certified happy family man!

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