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About the author

Stormy Legend weaves tales of fantasy and romance. She lives in a world where the arcane and mythological fuel her muse. She’s the author of the Shadow Legends series featuring a motley black ops crew of rogue shifters, vampires, gargoyles and more bad ass dudes and chicks who walk the paranormal underbelly of the darkest cities to protect the innocent.

Born and raised in the mystical Smoky Mountains, Stormy now lives where the land meets the sea with her real-life alpha hero and their four mythical beasts set on creating daily chaos.

She holds a black belt in speed reading and enjoys strolls through the long forgotten aisles of her local library. A romantic at heart who also loves wild adventures, Stormy can usually be found with her toes in the sand dreaming up chilling plot twists and kick-ass adventures that involve magical explosions, cursed bullets and hot romance.

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