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About the author

“Never give up, never surrender…”

Bjorn Beam is a cybersecurity expert and author who was born in Denver, Colorado. During his student years, he attended the University of Michigan, King’s College London and IE Business School, and has accumulated degrees in Sociology and Counterterrorism, as well as numerous other qualifications.

Bjorn’s working life has included a career with US intelligence at the CIA, FBI, and Department of Defense, a job which took him around the world, to Italy, London, The Middle East, Latin America, and Spain. Today he is now working on a startup that aims to teach kids the skills they need for a modern age, including cybersecurity, cyberbullying, social media interactions, online predators, and coding.

As an aside to this he has also been writing for some time, aiming his work at the younger generation. His books, Security Squad and Preparing Our Kids for Digital Immersion are up-to-date and relevant for today’s world and he is currently working on another. He also has a book dedicated to addressing cyberbullying which will be released soon and is working on a series of books on cybersecurity, also aimed at kids.

In his free time, Bjorn enjoys sailing, whether it is simply a relaxing day on the water, exploring new places, or participating in regattas. He also loves baking and can produce some amazing creations, from chocolate souffles to macarons. He is also an advocate for sustainable living and is interested in how we coexist with the environment day by day.

In the future, Bjorn hopes to get his startup going as soon as possible so that he can educate as many people as possible about the online dangers we all face.

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