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About the author

Valeriy is the founder of "Architeg" - a carefully crafted mini-book series on famed architects who changed the way we think about buildings. Since college years Valeriy had a considerable interest in visual arts and architecture. What began as a hobby is now one of the top photography blogs about contemporary architecture, where he explores landmark constructions across the world.

Architecture has always distinguished itself from other art forms because it plays a functional as well as an aesthetic role, offering shelter, of course, but also shaping our daily experiences. Architeg attempts to give another perspective on contemporary architecture that affects our daily experiences, shaping the way we perceive the space and the world around us.

Besides his writing job, Valeriy is also creating a sci-fi short animation film. He likes to believe that he is a tireless seeker of artistic inspiration, old vinyl records lover, and ardent appreciator of minimalism.