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About the author

Laikyn Meng was born.
Award winning Indie Author.
Penning promise to the authentic voice for the New Adult genre.
Laikyn's unique tone perks up eager ears; a poetic dance with a dark flare. Think Ellen Hopkins high-fives Lemony Snickett.
Love language consists of the dictionary, making her a glorified logophile. Fascinated with the color orange. Enjoys funerals. Eternally an optimistic. Japanese at the knees, because only a quarter.
Momma to three descendants, in which they actively participate in living room dance offs. All angels, except Mister who is a Wolfe and Fiddler who is a Riddle. InnSaei now that one is an angel. A sister, a daughter, a niece shouts out to Aunt Robyn in Idaho and Aunt Doris in Utah.
Jerry Spinelli once scripted her a letter telling her to write about what you know. It was a simple sentence and a signature. She has taken his advice to heart, grateful for the realm’s life has blessed her.
If there is but one thing you take from her characters and their worlds, is that you are never alone. Through every breakup, new experience, falling in love, becoming someone new, Laikyn as a writer is here for you.