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About the author

A Chicago native, David Hagerty writes about the politics and crime that made the Second City infamous.

His series stars Duncan Cochrane, an ambitious businessman turned gubernatorial candidate whose daughter is murdered six weeks before the election. As the police investigation follows a series of false leads, Duncan uses his grief to woo voters and his growing political clout to search for the killer.

They Tell Me You Are Wicked is a political thriller and a murder mystery by Evolved Press.

The second book in the series, They Tell Me You Are Crooked, follows a series of sniper killings in Chicago's most infamous public housing complex and a blackmail plot that could derail Duncan's career.

In book three, They Tell Me You Are Brutal, a saboteur is poisoning pain medications. Meanwhile, Duncan's son can't keep the family secret to himself, putting them all at risk of ruin.

Book four, They Tell Me You Are Cunning, follows Duncan after he has left office. Although he resolves to stay out of public and out of politics, an allegation of police brutality and false confession pulls him back into the spotlight. As he investigates the conviction of an inmate on death row, he tries to protect his own son from prison as well.

Readers describe the series as "full of twists and turns," "suspenseful," and "hard to put down."

A prequel to the series, Chicago Style, appears in Low Down Dirty Vote, an anthology of political crime fiction.