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About the author

Brassie Kinson’s writing affinity developed in a seventh-grade language arts class when she was challenged to compose an example of “personification.” She chose a stove as her inanimate hero and brought the feelings and adventures of a retired appliance —relegated to the city dump — to life in a story she read in front of the entire class.

Marriage and motherhood became the priority in early adulthood and Brassie’s passion for the written word took a temporary hiatus. When social media exploded, she found a new avenue for expressing herself and terrorized her followers with inappropriate posts and self-deprecating stories.

“Dear Eve” was born during that time and became an eight-year project inspired by personal events and experiences (Brassie’s own combined with others). The lengthy duration of this creation was unintentional but necessary in leading to the discovery of self-worth and learning to value it.

Brassie calls Pennsylvania home and resides there with her husband and imaginary pets.