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About the author

I am a specialist literacy teacher, with over 20 years of experience teaching and supporting children with a range of learning differences. I have worked towards success for children with a range of needs, including (but not only) Dyslexia, ADHD, Down's Syndrome and issues with Language and Communication, Visual Perceptual or Regulation.

If we can make learning fun our children can succeed, and feel good about themselves. This increases their self-esteem and resilience - which are both key to success.

From my experience, my Fun 2 Learn series of booklets emerged. Although these are only short I aim to share some games and activities which I have developed throughout my career and have been shown to support success - and fun.

If you are a parent looking to support your children, or if your children have dyslexia or similar difficulties then these books can help to improve literacy, in a fun, active and engaging way.

If you are a teacher, tutor, or support teacher looking for some new practical ideas then these books can help you provide fun and engaging activities.