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About the author

Donna Miller grew up in California and studied philosophy at Berkeley University. She traveled a lot around the world, lived for some time in Europe and Asia. Her real passion has always been cooking. However, she never had time for it as she always had too much work and also had to raise her kids.
At some point in her life, she decided that she has to work less and start doing what she loves. So she started to attend different cooking classes to master her cooking skills. She has been passionately involved with baking for the last two decades, and she loves sharing simple delicious recipes with others. She still doesn’t have much free time that’s why she loves simple and delicious recipes.
Now she lives in the US on a farm with her family and loves inviting her friends for dinners. She is still mastering her cooking skills and is thinking about starting her own cooking classes for those who want to learn how to cook.