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About the author

It is easy to say that I am "just a housewife". I am - but I have had a wonderfully capricious life being many other things as well.
I have a large extended family, a wealth of colourful friends and colleagues and endless triumphs and embarrassments all of which I can call upon in my writing.
I was brought up as a Kent farmer's daughter, one of four girls, went to a typical old fashioned all girls boarding school, got thrown out of Bristol University and then spent the customary years in London having an outrageously fun time.
I got married stupidly young and then consequently "unmarried". I became a single parent working all hours that God gave (all in IT) to keep my two wonderful twin daughters in ponies whilst playing hockey under various aliases (Moet Chandon, Tulip van Dyke - don't ask, it's complicated).
I then met and married my beloved Bob and since then I have had a wonderful time as a farmer's wife (full circle?) putting on a any number of madcap events to raise money for charity, creating a life skills course for children with special needs, sailing the Atlantic and pottering around the many islands of the Caribbean documenting my travels in what became an avidly read blog ... which started me writing.
Oh and I have broken my back on three separate occasions, falling off a horse (entirely my fault) and falling down the stairs - twice!