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About the author

In my normal life, I am a cool data scientist happily crunching my numbers away.
Unfortunately, my true love and triumph lies in romance fiction in all its glorious forms. So in my other life, where I wish I could live all the time, I am a voracious reader and a beloved author (working towards the latter one). I have been reading romance for embarrassingly long and I will probably continue to read for far longer than I probably should. Young at heart and all that.
This story is my first self-published attempt at penning down all the fantasies I concocted in my head while reading authors I can only dream of aspiring to be one day.
My aim is simple; create a hero who I don’t want to punch in the face, a heroine who I don’t want to push off a bridge, and a plot line with plenty of romance and a few tears here and there.
Your feedback is most welcome, both good and bad. I hope to see you again for my next book. Until then, keep on reading.