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About the author

Asaf Rozanes is a single dad, father of 5 y/o Mia, a life coach and children's author with a witty, humoristic and refreshing writing style. The combination of catchy rhymes spiced with humor, an ethical message and a practical life tool appeals to the hearts of children and parents alike.

As a life coach, Asaf aims to give children the tools required to lead a more happy, productive and successful life - enjoying the journey and embracing it.
Every book contains a message and a practical day-to-day tool which is suitable for children and adults alike.

As Asaf puts it:
"I want children to enjoy and embrace life.
I want them to keep talking to their inner child and keep that flame alive and kicking!
I want them to make mistakes, to be creative, true to themselves and to understand that is where they grow and succeed...I want them to remain free creative thinkers and doers!"

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