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About the author

John has been a writer of Sherlock Holmes Urban Fantasy Mysteries for over a decade now.

He is known to freak out and sometimes write detective mysteries that are set in China, or other exotic places like Las Vegas.

He has a sense of humor that rivals King Kong picking his teeth with a 747.

He has been known to read every book he can get his hands on, and sometimes even his fingers.

He loves Marvel movies, Pixar and most DC movies.

Loves southern fried chicken, blackberry pie, walks in the park or along a seashore.

Has a pet parakeet named Tweetie Pie that sings John's head off in the morning and loves to bump noses with him.

Has a cockatiel that pretty much has his way with John because John raised him from an egg and they know each other pretty well. Baby, as the loving bird is known, is famous for singing to himself in a mirror, repeating "Pretty Boy," when he sees a lovely young bird that resembles him and is not afraid of anything, except for the occasional sound of my computer scanner coming to life.

John prefers cooler weather to warm. Easier to dress up than down, especially in Vegas where he lives. Hotttttttttttttttttt!

Best memories are of living in Placerville as a kid high on a mountain top where there were regular seasons of the year, snow cones, snow men, deers and bobcats and real living trees that soared to the skies and sang to him at night to help him go to sleep.