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About the author

When not playing board games with his children or game group, Zach Winderl can most often be found expanding the tales of Atom & Go or people watching for literary inspiration. Even before his 2004 graduation from college he could be found combining writing and experiencing a wide variety of life’s nuances. His first unpublished work dates back to 1989.
Growing up in a widely traveled family, Zach was able to capture the variety of landscapes our world has to offer and push beyond the boundaries of our own planet. Zach has always loved the freedom afforded by Science-Fiction. Whether an exotic locale or a tongue-in-cheek view on what the world has to offer, he believes science-fiction is the best canvas for painting for an audience.
Now Zach lives in Western NY with his wife, a middle school music teacher, and their three children. He draws on their collective creativity and often writes as he listens to the haunting melodies his wife plays on their piano.