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About the author

Saberia Lakebra Singletary (Star Singletary). Why am I a golden star! I am a star that shines bright like a rare diamond.

On February 21st, 1998 I was bitten. I was raised in a little town called Fairmont NC. This is where my journey of writing began. In addition turning to my notebook of stories, that lead me to publish my own books. I furthered my career by not writing 8 books and directing two stage plays.

As a child at the tender age of 5, is when I wrote my first story. That's when I knew writing is a part of me and a gift that I was blessed with. Sometimes when I'm writing whether they are just my thoughts or just randomly an idea in my head; I find myself getting lost as if I jump out of my own body and into my stories instantly. It all becomes real at that moment, I am living it. Writing takes me to another world.