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About the author

Hi, I´m Anna Shine, traveler, teacher, and writer. Here is a little bit about me:
I am a teacher for elementary school originally but soon after I finished my studies at the university I decided to travel the world, see different cultures, meet people from other countries and educate myself in life skills.

I am from Europe, but for a very important part of my life, I lived in the USA. I understood that teaching is something I love and I want to do but first of all, I need to learn about life more, get some skills about coaching, leadership, public speaking, etc. I decided to start to educate myself about it: reading books, web seminars, many different courses helped me to see how much I still want to learn and share with others. I found out that books are an extremely important part of my life and I decided to share my thoughts and knowledge with people throughout the books.
All my books are made on purpose to help others and that is the biggest goal of my life.

__My life story__

My life story started sadly. Growing up I had to go through broken family relationships and based on that I naturally had some problems in my school and 1 day my teacher which I always looked up to told me that I shouldn´t go and continue studying because I will not able to continue. In an age of 18 when I had to make a hard decision about my education, I had 2 choices: the first choice was to find a job, start making some money and be able to live outside of my parents home and the second choice was to go to school with no money in my pocket yet.
I decided to go to school to become a TEACHER and become the person who will motivate kids for achieving any goals and teachers who will help them to shine the light on their way through life.

My dream is becoming true now. I made my master's degree without any issues with a big goal in my life. Great motivation for me was reading books from the awesome authors and leaders like Dale Carnegie, John Maxwell, Brian Tracy or Robert Kiyosaki etc.
Education opened a new perspective of my life, I am able to travel, do the things I love and I am able to help others what gives me incredible energy.
My passion for reading helped me to face the biggest fears in my life and transform myself in so many different ways. I've consumed dozens and dozens of books on anything that could improve the quality of my life, on topics such as self-help, biographies, business, marketing, psychology, health, fitness, spirituality, etc.. and I strongly believe that the best investment you can make is to educate yourself!

I really hope that you can enjoy my books.
And please, feel free to leave the review I would love to know what you think about it and I will be more than happy to make it better and better.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

Anna Shine