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About the author

Nadia Pelto has been devouring books since she first learned to read the English language. When she discovered the Romance Genre as a teenager, she was hooked. Paranormal, historical, fantasy, any of the sub-genres, Romance is the bomb. But what’s the fun of just reading when you can create? And that is exactly what Nadia dreamed of doing while in college getting her Bachelors in Creative Writing and Business Administration. These days, Nadia is up to her ears in alpha males and the brilliant, passionate women who they are fighting for a chance at a relationship with.

Nadia and her own Alpha—the one and only Mr. Pelto—are married and tucked away in a cozy ranch in the north woods. Living her dream as a writer, Nadia enjoys her days with her dogs, family, coffee, and wine. Taco and pizza are also her best friends.

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