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About the author

Katherine Carlson grew up in a cold place; so cold, in fact, that the winter often felt like a foreign character in her life. Not a nemesis necessarily–more like a constant jab in the back.

"Weather can toughen you," she says. "Make you somewhat invincible to the smaller obstacles. At least that's what I told myself when waiting for my eyelashes to thaw after walking to school."

Harsh weather also plays a role in Carlson's latest thriller, Survival Instinct. It serves as a keen adversary but also helps level the playing field–granting Jeannie a chance at escape. Weather, a foot soldier of Nature, stands as a metaphor for existence. Are we at the mercy of an unknowable, apathetic force that deals only in entropy, or is there a bias at play–one that encourages survival and awaits redemption.

Carlson is the author of Arrows Across Eons: Becoming Tina Turner and Story Girl.