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About the author

Lana enjoys writing from her home in Texas, surrounded by the dense forest of the Big Thicket. She creates compelling thriller/suspense stories with characters who go through extreme hardship to find delightful triumph. Her characters are always working toward romantic discoveries, whether budding or full blown, and through terror and suspense, they strive to protect family and friendships. Loyalty and love are keys to her characters’ survival.

Lana has lived abroad for five years between Scotland and Germany, but an ever-expanding family has meant she must trade foreign sights for daytrips around Texas to spend time with loved ones, a wonderful exchange in her personal book. On any day, she’ll take day-tripping over the mini-agonies of going on international flights.

Besides writing, she gardens and tackles a much-too-large yard that expands into acres of wilderness, and she loves the little patches of vegetable gardens in her backyard, growing veggies from heirloom seeds. She’ll argue that life is incomplete without home-grown tomatoes yet is near perfect with a fresh slice of French bread topped with pesto… made with garden herbs, of course. And she believes in moments of pure indulgence, such as when she makes a meal of stuffed jalapeno peppers grilled to perfection.

In the middle of forested acreage that she’d never want to tame, she and her husband, Big Bear, built a dream home, which brought unexpected nightmares. The house has morphed into a perpetual construction project and is a story for another day.

She returned to writing fiction full-time after leaving a profession of writing technical and marketing assignments on behalf of corporations, law firms, and independent contractors for over two decades. Needing more than a business connection with cold, technical words, she now writes gripping stories filled with relatable people who must conquer terrible circumstances while exploring the meaning of never-say-die-determination, renewable hope, and blossoming love.

Writing fiction is just one of Lana’s happily-ever-after personal experiences. She appreciates dedicated readers who love their books and hopes you’ll enjoy hers, too.