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About the author

“Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us” – Oscar Wilde

Despite popular belief, mastering your memory and psychological mindset isn’t just regulated to mental athletes or people that can remember Pi to one thousand places. Even common everyday people just like you can find genuine success when you’re able to apply the necessary foundations of memory and learning techniques. It’s that core groundwork that can lead anyone to unlimited potential.

James Stephenson is a blogger, author, and a passionate student of how the mind works. Over 10 years ago and armed with his desire to help he started working with people to implement the methods he had discovered and he has loved it ever since. When he noticed their improvements, and when they began to thank him for changing their lives, he knew he had to spread the knowledge that he had learned to as many people as possible.

When he’s not helping people achieve greater mental ability, James likes running at the local park, fishing, and reading on the couch with his two dogs Lucky and Dusty.

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