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About the author

August Birch is a thriller author. He lives in Southwest Michigan, USA with his wife and son. Not far from his fictitious Nine Pines, Michigan. After spending his adult life in this part of Michigan, August was drawn to its pitch-in culture and way of life. Small towns are the catalyst for August’s writing. Grit, imperfection, and analog living are peppered throughout his work. When he’s not writing his latest novel, August practices karate, reads frequently, and he’s a fourth-generation artist and woodworker.

August enjoys the Japanese design philosophy, Wabi-Sabi (the art of finding beauty amongst the imperfect). There’s something about the dirt and grit that provides a perfect backdrop for crime fiction.

He began his writing career in non-fiction. After writing a dozen how-to books, and more than two million words written in non-fiction, August worked to hone is craft and made the switch to fiction. As a lifelong fan of thrillers novels and films, August began his next chapter as a crime writer.

August’s work isn’t for everyone. It’s fast-paced, punchy, and raw. But it might be for YOU.