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About the author

Peter Rasmussen is the founder and chairman of Asia Base, a law and strategy consultancy based in China that has helped establish hundreds of international companies from startups to multinational corporations since 1994. He holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of South Denmark, as well as an MBA, which was taken in Mandarin Chinese, from the National Taiwan University.

Peter specializes in providing strategic and practical advice to foreign investors in the fast-paced business world of China. Based in Suzhou, Peter has founded six companies in agriculture, industrial manufacturing, business incubation services and seed capital. Over the years, he has been awarded industrial, social and royal recognition for business leadership, entrepreneurship, contributions to cross-border commerce and investment.

He began his entrepreneurial journey at just six years old and has become a highly sought-after consultant, investor and mentor. Peter is currently focusing on startups and draws from his decades of business experience in hypergrowth markets to help support young entrepreneurs and companies in achieving success.